Training & Adaptation

Step 5

Latest Technology In Action

Implementing a professional training and adoption strategy is the key to successfully rolling out technology into your organisation. Our specialist training team demonstrates to the individuals interacting with the technology on a daily basis how to effectively make it work personally to them.

Technological advancement can be faced with resistance within organisations due to the associated disruptions, however we view the actual technology as the simplest component. This is why our focus surrounds ensuring that change is adopted and engaged with by the people utilising Microsoft Technology every day.

Change is not to be feared but to be embraced so that full potential can be achieved. The tools have endless possibilities if adopted and implemented correctly. A bespoke plan to transition is based on our experts developing a comprehensive understanding of employee thoughts and ethos.

We make this process interactive by:

  • Hosting events ? showcasing new technology, online workshops
  • Utilising marketing communications ? emails, videos, images
  • Introducing opinion leaders ? messaging from advocates


Prior to us constructing a training plan, our team will have developed significant understandings of organisational needs, which means the resulting training materials for SharePoint and Office 365 are tailored perfectly to individuals using the technology. We deliver both an educating and engaging training development programme; this is where our expertise is illuminated even greater.

Maintaining the Momentum

Training is not the end of our involvement with your organisation, we continue to assist you in tracking the adoption and training progression, through a test and learn approach. Using the Microsoft Adoption Pack, we can evaluate how training and adoption is operating within your company. Change and impact is tracked, enabling improvement and further adaptation and training if necessary.

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