Our Sectors

Manufacturing & Engineering

Across the UK, companies are creating products and processes which have a global impact. We work with these businesses, from start-ups to industry leaders, to ensure their IT infrastructure supports their growth and productivity. We understand, champion and support innovators in complex industries.

Technology & Innovation

We work with companies who are leading from the front, whose pioneering spirit embraces the cutting-edge. These clients ? from tech firms to green energy, from electronics to AI ? often have complex businesses with enormous potential.  Using our experience, we introduce information technology systems that support and enable their growth.

Legal & Professional Services

Trust is at the core of professional services. Whether you?re a law firm, accountancy practice, business adviser or asset manager, your clients? confidence in you is all-important. Safe, secure, compliant IT solutions are a cornerstone of your business. With IT Desk you?re in safe hands.

Charities & Not-For-Profit

We help the UK?s third sector organisations to deliver more, often for those who need it the most. We?ll work with charitable organisations to understand their challenges and financial realities, to propose a solution that can be delivered on time, on budget.


IT Desk build the foundations of digital transformation in the UK construction sector. We understand that technology has become a driver of positive change and progress, enabling clients to operate more efficiently and with better productivity. From project management to document storage, from data capture to approvals processing, IT services have the potential to make improvements and add real value.

Marketing Services, Media & Communications

At IT Desk, we help the communications industry to adapt, innovate and increase efficiency with cloud-based solutions and SAAS innovation, capturing ideas and enabling creativity with innovative technology solutions. You need reliable IT to do your job, with optimised software, hardware, licensing and infrastructure.

Retail and hospitality

We help to change the consumer and guest experience while increasing productivity and efficiency across the retail and hospitality sectors. IT Desk deliver higher-quality customer care and a seamless experience with reliable systems, streamlined networks and more innovative services.

Transport & Distribution

At IT Desk, we are experienced in delivering successful professional IT services to the transportation industry. In this sector,  digital transformation typically means migrating to new systems within strict deadlines to smoothly integrate legacy systems. To keep the wheels turning, IT Desk provide the technology solutions your transportation business requires.

Insurance and Financial Services

We help financial institutions transform their digital workspace into an environment they can excel in.