Have you thought about backing-up your data?

What happens to your data if an existing server fails or is damaged by fire or flood?

How many days of lost data could you cope with before the business impact becomes catastrophic?

We can help you assess and implement a data back-up, disaster recovery and contingency plan as part of a comprehensive data management review process.

Backing up data is essential and extremely important within any business or organisation.

To ensure your data is as safe and secure as possible, you must back it up away from your office or home at an offsite location. We always recommend that our IT Support users back up their data to multiple locations for extra security.

However, we know that amongst the multitude of tasks you have to carry out daily, this is often overlooked.

Why not let us look after it for you?

We back-up all of your data routinely to our secure offsite location. Our back-ups take place overnight in order to minimise any disruptions that may occur. These back-ups can be scheduled to take place daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your business.

Everyone deserves to have their data backed up securely to ensure you have peace of mind. For further information about the back-up services we offer, get in touch today ? our skilled and experienced team are ready and waiting to help!

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