Step 2

A Blueprint for Growth

By understanding your business objectives and limiting factors, IT Desk can formulate a technology proposal that is tailor-made to address your needs.

From simple upgrades to enterprise-level migration plans, we’ll work with you to design a solution that meets your requirements, budgets and timetable.

Our IT benchmarking process gives us rapid insight into your business, in order to build you a robust, agile, future facing, tailor made roadmap. Our solution design focuses on four key components, regardless of the size of project or client’s industry:


Choosing the right software, systems and technology infrastructure is, of course, critical to every project. This is our core deliverable and each recommendation will be carefully selected to meet your requirements.

Our expertise in specific services such as remote working, security, Cloud computing and Microsoft365 is demonstrated throughout this site: we only recommend what works for you.


Every IT project has a degree of risk. Continuity of service, data loss and integrity, business critical systems and contingency planning are all considered as part of our design phase.

We look to minimise or eliminate risks wherever possible and to design a new way of working that is more robust, more secure and more future proof than the current setup.


We support, design and enable you to grow your business by concentrating on improvements that will deliver the best return on investment.

Every company has to be realistic in their budget setting and project investment. We look to design solutions that fit a budget wherever possible, pricing options and upgrades for future consideration.


The design of an effective IT project requires a clear understanding of deadlines and milestones.

We work with clients to ensure the timetable is understood, realistic and resourced adequately.

Your 6 step Digital Transformation Journey

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