Quality Policy



It is the established policy of IT DESK to provide its customers with products and services which are fit for their intended purpose and are delivered in conformance with the Company’s quality specification laid down by the customer. 

The policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and take into consideration Risks and opportunities in line with the context of the organisation which will be reviewed on a regular basis by senior management. 

The Company’s quality system is in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.  The company operates quality procedures to ensure customer requirements are fulfilled in all respects. 

The quality procedures, which are set down, are mandatory and no deviations or alternatives are permitted.  All personnel whether directly involved with service quality or not, must comply with the procedures. 

The nature of quality makes it impossible for the Quality Manual to be fully comprehensive, and the Company publishes it in the knowledge that; in the long run; the quality of its services and its good name depend on the everyday actions of those in its employ. 

Adherence to this policy involves almost every aspect of the Company’s business.  The purpose of the Quality Manual is to describe how the policy is put into effect to give instructions and / or guidance to employees whose actions can affect quality, and to provide a picture of the overall quality endeavour within the company. 

The Managing directors take full responsibility and authority to ensure that this policy is established, implemented and maintained in a timely manner. 

It is our belief that a quality-conscious Company will build on its own reputation; therefore, a programme of controlled quality is operated. 

Each employee is made aware of the need to improve workmanship continually wherever possible and thus produce the best quality service.  This is reflected in his / her job description and operating / inspection procedures and through the support and encouragement given to them by their immediate superior.  

The IMS will be continually improved through the use of technologies and activities, including the setting and modification of objectives, which will be reviewed at senior management review meetings. 

This Quality Manual: which is driven by senior management; will be regularly reviewed continuously. 

Approved by: 

Chris Wright 

Managing Director 

January 2024