Step 4

Transitioning Through Testing

To enable a seamless shift towards your tailored systems, we apply our continuous test and learn approach. The outcome is successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 migration.

Change can be overwhelming, especially when it involves large transfers of data and re-educating, however our specialist support and professional training makes the migration process smooth and stress-free.

We have proficiency and experience in positively handling migration transitions for large multinational firms.

The most asked question is ? How can we leverage IT better, to support these needs?

In order to answer this question, we need to define your current state and then compare it to what is possible. We do this through our IT benchmarking process, giving us rapid insight into your business, in order to build you a robust, agile, future facing, tailor made roadmap


An essential stage for ensuring our solutions we assist in implementing fit your company values, needs and goals.

Systematically assessing your existing Microsoft setting, comprising of information reviews and GDPR practices as the basics, enables us to tailor our approach even further.


The tools provided by Office 365 partnered with our extensive capabilities allows us to fulfil your requirements spanning across governance.

Disruption to your operations isn?t an option, we aim to minimise this as far as possible and ensure projects don?t hinder business performance. Experience across industries means specific regulatory demands are met.

Choosing Technology and Consultancy

Office 365 offers a variety of tools to utilise, however there is a common barrier to understanding which are the most useful and valuable to engage with for your specific business.

Steering the best route towards an effective O365 environment can be problematic, no matter the organisation size or hi-tech capabilities, it presents challenges. This is where our years of involvement and experience in the Microsoft platforms becomes of even greater value, as we can navigate which direction your business and individual culture requires.

Your people are at the forefront of our decisions and recommendations, the best option is the one we recognise as maximal for investment.

Your 6 step Digital Transformation Journey

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