Office Relocation

Are you moving to a new location?

If your business is relocating, our experienced team of experts will assist with the move of your IT infrastructure, ensuring the process is smooth and hassle free.

We will provide all of the support you need within your timescale, to avoid any outages or disruption to your business.

What?s more, our on-site and remote support teams can carry out maintenance to your equipment overnight to minimise disruption to IT systems and provide post-move support.

We understand that it?s vital that no data is lost during the move. With this in mind, we recommend using our cloud services to prevent this from happening and to future proof all of your information and data.

When you?re relocating, it?s also a great time to review your existing equipment setup and identify anything that needs upgrading. Carrying out everything during the move will prevent any disruption to your business systems in the future.

Ask yourself:

  • Do we have security in place to protect our systems?
  • Is everything backed up?
  • Does our software need updating?
  • Do we need new phone lines or email services?

If you need help with any of the above, we can carry out the necessary upgrades and services during the relocation so your business can run as efficiently and as safely as possible.

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