About Us

Where it all began…

IT Desk UK has been established for over 10 years. In IT years a huge amount has changed in the past decade. Cast your minds back to 2006, the year Twitter was born, Facebook took off and Googling became a recognised verb in the dictionary!

Since then, we have been leading the way in IT support and management, with over 86,000 hours of outstanding customer service, countless installations, re-cabling, thousands of password resets, PC builds and so much more. We aim to work alongside businesses to provide cost effective solutions at the highest standard.

Where we are now…

The IT Desk UK team have had their fair share of office moves over the years, but now have a settled home in Goldthorpe, Rotherham. We have seen our customer base double in size in recent years and our team continues to grow. From just two directors, we are now a team of 12 and still growing. This success comes from hard work and commitment to providing the best IT Support in the region.

Why are we so confident that we offer the best value?

We believe as an IT Support provider, we have a responsibility to operate at the highest possible standard and work ahead of your IT system. We carry out preventative maintenance, looking at trends that if not noticed would lead to major faults.

Before we found IT Desk, we had a different IT Support provider supplier which was not working out for…

We decided to look for a different company after our provider at the time increased their prices by at…


We’re proud of our proactive approach

We work to prevent problems before they even have the chance to happen. This is opposed to being reactive, like many other IT companies, who wait until something happens to solve it. We want your business to grow and run efficiently, which is why we work every day to protect your business.

First class support

We strive to have the best customer service, support and management services and overall technical expertise. We are constantly pushing ourselves to keep ahead of the curve as new technology and innovations emerge at a rapid rate. You can be certain we will never fall behind and you will receive the best possible IT support