Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Control your system, whenever, wherever.


Utilise and grow a cloud server that has been configured and set up to meet the demands and growth expectations of your business. We set up your cloud infrastructure to meet the demands and needs of your business, whilst ensuring growth capabilities and provisions for the future.

Why choose to use the cloud? Our infrastructure offers unrivalled security, accessibility from anywhere as well as offsite backup.

Why should you pick IT Desk to be your cloud server partner?

Proactive – Above all else we pride ourselves on being an IT company that ensures you don’t have IT problems and headaches. Unlike other providers we work on a proactive rather than a reactive way (and we don’t just say that). We don’t want emergency telephone calls about systems that have broken or back up that is not working. Our customers can trust us to look after their IT and forget that we are even here continually monitoring things for you.

Straight Talking – We don’t use complicated geeky IT language (unless you want us to). We want you to understand what we are saying and providing to you.  Equally we don’t oversell. If we can see a more cost effective way of doing something for you then we will suggest it. This way our customers remain loyal and refer us on to others. 

IT Desk – As the name would suggest we are literally a phone call away. Whilst our proactive monitoring service means its often us letting you know that there was a potential problem but that it is resolved you can rest assured that if you have any IT dilemma, query or concern we are on the end of the phone to help.


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