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IT Desk (UK) has been established for 10 years. In IT years it’s the difference between MSN messenger and WhatsApp. Over the past decade we’ve been very busy indeed, leading the way in IT support and management, over 86,000 hours of excellent customer service, countless installations, re-cabling, 12,500 password resets and PC builds (the list is endless). Our approach is simple, to be your IT department and to run in parallel with your business objectives and goals whilst proving cost effective solutions.

Cast your minds back, if you can, to 2006. Social media was in its infancy and there were still CD shops. It was the year Twitter hatched and Facebook made it big, making it easier than ever to feel sad about an ex-partner. The Nintendo Wii made it possible to play tennis indoors and Googling became a recognised verb in the dictionary. It was an exciting year for IT and IT Desk were ready to grab this digital revolution by the horns – all be them virtual horns.

Over the years the IT Desk team have had their fair share of office moves - maybe some members of the crew took the term server migration a little too literally - but they now have a permanent home in Goldthorpe, Rotherham, of which they’re very proud. 

Over the past 18 months, IT Desk has seen business boom, with its customer base doubling in size. From just two directors, they are now a team of 10 and continue to grow. Behind this success though is a solid commitment to providing the best IT support in the region.

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Our IT Support Specialist


We believe IT support is more than logging a fault over the phone or via email. As an IT provider we believe we have a responsibility to operate preventative maintenance to your IT system. This prevents the ‘firefighting’ process where IT companies are battling with the same issue and reacting to common faults, we can combat this by our intelligent helpdesk system which looks and checks for trends when tickets are logged and our monitoring system which logs any faults which may not typically be picked up and can often lead to major faults if not addressed.


Unlike other IT companies, we work hard to prevent any problems occurring, as opposed to being reactive when something happens. Working in the background, we're able to flag up issues, report them to you and get them fixed. Why? Because we want to see you grow and not be hindered by IT.

Does your IT support team proactively work to protect your business or do they react when something wrong happens? Imagine the hindrance that would cause...


At IT Desk (UK) we strive to be the best in terms of customer service, the quality of our support and management services and in terms of our overall technical expertise. We constantly push to stay ahead of the curve and to keep your business ahead of the curve as well, with the rate which new innovations and technology emerge you need to know that your IT service provider is providing you with the best that it can and IT Desk (UK) will do that.

Whether IT Desk (UK) provides you a dedicated outsourced support and management service or simply augment your existing IT support infrastructure you can be sure that your IT is in good hands.


24 Hour IT Support & IT Consultancy
SMB IT Solutions
Network security, data encryption, & backup solutions
Communication systems including VOiP
Cloud Services

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